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Training in Macromedia

The Macromedia family of software may be taken for granted by those who have used its various programs extensively. By simply inserting the Macromedia disk into the CD-ROM drive, anyone from a toddler to a computer programmer can accomplish numerous tasks on their computer. However, for those interested in working with this software, computer programming and training in Macromedia are necessary.

The Macromedia family includes a variety of software programs. For example, if you are interested in developing computer software or creating a dynamic website, you may require Adobe ColdFusion, which works similarly to Microsoft's ASP package, or the programming language PHP. Additionally, Adobe Contribute may interest those looking to reduce website design, development, and editing time. This program allows various members of an organization to contribute to website changes, saving time and money that would otherwise be spent hiring a single person or team.

If you are interested in website design but prefer to see immediate results rather than sifting through endless lines of code, Adobe Dreamweaver may be of interest. This popular program does not require programming skills, but it can help software programmers understand how certain scripts function and behave online.

For those interested in online learning solutions, Macromedia Authorware is a programming language based on flowcharts. Authorware is used to create interactive programs that can be integrated into various types of multimedia content. Adobe Director, originally created for animation, is now used as a scripting language for creating standalone kiosks or CD-ROMs, as well as developing online three-dimensional games.

The Macromedia family also includes Adobe Fireworks, a graphics editor designed to integrate with other Macromedia products, and FreeHand, a program that creates two-dimensional vector graphics for desktop publishers.

The Flash and Shockwave group is undoubtedly the most popular package in the Macromedia family. Macromedia Shockwave players were originally independent multimedia players designed to play Flash programs. Today, the two are heavily integrated with each other. Flash is a powerful tool for website designers looking to create dynamic and attractive websites that rely heavily on animation. However, most website designers avoid Flash animation since it cannot be picked up by search engines, limiting the amount of readable content that can help a website gain popularity.

If you are interested in training in Macromedia, you should be aware that most of the packages are now under the Adobe umbrella. Additionally, you may need to hone your computer programming skills to run Macromedia applications and use them effectively. Macromedia is not simply about inserting a disk into your CD-ROM drive; it involves using computer programming effectively to serve a wide variety of purposes.

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