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Your Guide to Computer Programming Magazines

If you want to stay updated on new gadgets and technologies related to computer programming, you should subscribe to reputable industry-related magazines. Thanks to the internet, these magazines are also available for public viewing online. This means you don't have to worry about missing a subscription or paying for it anymore. All you have to do is log on to your internet and read the new entries or the new issue from the programming magazines off your desktop or laptop computer.

Here are the different computer programming magazines you can check out online:

  1. Application Development Trends

This magazine provides all the information you might need about newly released software and all the new trends in information technology. The audience of this magazine is usually the technical management groups of big companies and enterprises.

  1. C++ Source

This online programming magazine is indispensable for C++ professionals. It contains information about the C++ language, its philosophy, and the direction it is taking in this changing world. Aside from that, it also offers feature articles to its readers. There are also related topics about computer programming and C++ tutorials that are perfect for beginners. It also has a news section that gives updates about C++.

  1. Developer Network Journal

If you are a .NET, ASP, COM, and ADO technology aficionado, this is the magazine for you. Every issue is filled with articles that software developers will find useful. This is the primary magazine of the Windows and Microsoft-based platforms.

  1. Developer

The Developer is an independent magazine that is primarily created to provide information about different topics of interest to computer programmers. It contains features for software development, programming, architecture, database creation, and other things.

  1. Doctor Dobb's Journal

Doctor Dobb's Journal or DDJ is the foremost programming online magazine that features relevant software tips, tricks, and tools for both aspiring and professional programmers. It is also rich in source code, articles, book reviews, product resources, and much more.

  1. Java World

Java World is your optimum source for all Java-related programming resources. Both professional and amateur Java developers can use it. It always has fresh news, APIs, tutorials, tools, feature articles, and interviews with experts who all deal with Java technology.

  1. SYS-CON Media

SYS-CON Media is currently the leader in information technology media in the world. They specialize in AJAX development, as well as .NET and JAVA. But they are also the authority when it comes to XML, Coldfusion, WebLogic, and Flex.

  1. MSDN Magazine

If you want to stay ahead with the newest technologies that affect Microsoft networking systems, then MSDN magazine is what you need. Their issues are always rich with source codes and helpful articles. They also have an archive of back issues, should you be interested in them too.

  1. Leading Edge Java

This magazine could qualify as the practical Java handbook for Java developers. It contains tutorials, news, tools, and current uses of Java technology.

  1. Luminary

Luminary is a free newsletter published monthly. It contains features for software management, consulting, and development.

These are the 10 most useful programming magazines you can check out online. If you want to take a glimpse of what's new and hot in the programming world, just check out these magazines and see for yourself.

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