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Which Hybrid Car is Truly the Best Available Today?


Saving the environment by reducing gas emissions from cars has become a sacred statement today. More and more people voice their concerns about deadly gas emissions from vehicles, yet still, buy cars. While the convenience a car provides is incomparable, the damage it brings is astounding. That is why hybrid cars have become a viable solution to answer the call for convenient and accessible modes of transportation while reducing or eradicating air pollution.

Many car manufacturers have seen the potential of hybrid cars and have developed their own versions of this revolutionary vehicle. Toyota and Honda are at the forefront, having been the first to come up with mass-produced hybrid vehicles and having several hybrid vehicles in their lineup. GM and Ford have also come out with their hybrid vehicles. With many hybrid vehicles already in the market, consumers may wonder which is truly the best hybrid car available today.

With the advent of technology and science, more and more gadgets and equipment are being offered today to suit different tastes, styles, and preferences. That's why declaring one to be ultimately the best and perfect for all is quite impossible. This goes the same for cars. Depending on where you will be using the vehicle, what is best for you may not necessarily be the best for another. However, they could be divided into categories, and the best among them could be chosen.

According to recent research and surveys, here is the current list of what is considered the "best" by consumers.

The Honda Civic Hybrid was awarded the Best Sedan Hybrid Car distinction. It has significantly improved over its previous model and has the sleek and sporty look the conventional Civic has, not announcing it's being a hybrid. But, as its owner, you will certainly feel the difference. You still get the high quality and comfort conventional Civics provide, but you go to gas stations to fill up less.

The Ford Escape Hybrid won the Best SUV Hybrid award. It was the first-ever SUV Hybrid in the market and was such a huge success that, although it already has competitors from Toyota and Lexus, it still reigns supreme. With many features and accessories plus the power of a small SUV, the Ford Escape is seen to just keep getting better and would be hailed as the Majesty of Hybrid SUVs for many years to come.

The Honda Insight was voted the Best Hybrid car in terms of economy in pure fuel. Combining its distinctive aerodynamic body design and its lightweight finish, plus its superb hybrid technology, Insight produces the best figures in fuel economy. Although not as multi-awarded nor as comfortable and powerful as its stablemate, the Civic Hybrid, the Insight is best if you want fuel economy. With oil prices still surging upward, this is not a bad idea after all.

But gaining a lot of nods of approval from hybrid enthusiasts is the league-leading and multi-awarded Toyota Prius. Garnering the largest number of votes as the Hybrid vehicle with overall great value, performance, and design, this could most probably be the Hybrid car that deserves to be called the best hybrid car available today.

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