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What You Need to Know About Nitro RC Cars

Due to the movie "The Fast and the Furious," many people today believe that the term "nitro" refers to having something extra on a car that boosts its speed. Consequently, when people come across the term "Nitro RC Car," they assume it refers to an upgraded RC car.

This misconception may also arise from the belief that gas-powered RC cars run on gasoline. However, this assumption is incorrect. In reality, the term "Nitro RC Car" is synonymous with "gas-powered RC car" because this type of RC car utilizes a specialized mixture of nitromethane and lubricant for operation.

So, what do you need to get started with Nitro RC cars?

1) Experience - Before purchasing a Nitro RC car, it is crucial to have sufficient experience with an electric RC car. This is because Nitro RC cars can be challenging to handle for beginners. Therefore, individuals interested in the RC car hobby are advised to begin with electric RC cars before transitioning to Nitro RC cars.

2) Interest - Without a genuine interest, why would someone get involved with Nitro RC cars? There must be a reason to engage in the hobby, as it requires a financial investment. However, the "profit" gained from this hobby does not solely refer to financial gain.

3) Information - Prior knowledge is essential before starting with Nitro RC cars. The world of Nitro RC car racing can be complex, and having the right information can greatly assist in selecting and maintaining the desired car. Additionally, having the correct information about Nitro RC cars can lead to financial benefits from the hobby.

4) The right materials - Many individuals wonder about the necessary tools and materials to enter the Nitro RC car hobby. Here are some of the items you will need:

a) Nitro RC car kit - This kit contains everything needed to build a "basic" Nitro RC car, including the engine, chassis, and other components. Beginners are advised to follow the specifications outlined in the included manual. As you progress in the hobby, you may choose to customize your vehicle and deviate from the basic design.

b) Fuel - The nitromethane-castor oil mixture used to power Nitro RC cars can be purchased at various hobby shops and stores. It is crucial to never attempt to use gasoline as fuel for your Nitro RC car. The fuel specifically designed for Nitro RC cars is less volatile than gasoline, as using gasoline may result in engine explosions. To ensure a long-lasting enjoyment of the Nitro RC car hobby, only use the recommended fuel type. By doing so, you will ensure that Nitro RC car racing will continue to grow alongside your interest. 

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