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What You Must Know About Electric RC Cars


If you are an amateur in the RC racing world, you might complain that it is pretty hard to choose the most suitable electric-powered RC car that can serve as a worthy rival to other cars of the same type. Truly, you need some vital information before you push your purchase button.

Electric RC cars run on electric batteries that are made into battery packs. They are sold in two options - the 'ready to run' (RTR) and the built-it-yourself. If you know nothing about RC cars, you should choose the former. With it, you just have to turn it on and off, and it will go.

RC cars, which are fueled by battery packs, are easy to purchase and maintain compared to the popular nitro RC cars. They are specially designed for beginners. Nonetheless, there are experienced RC car fanatics that use said cars for comparison and variety purposes.

One advantage of an electric RC car, other than its user-friendly character, is that it is inexpensive. The difference in price between a gasoline-powered and an electric-powered RC car may amount to a hundred dollars. Hence, if you are after practicality and easily operated and maintained RCS, go for a fast electric RC car.

How to Choose an Electric RC Car?

In choosing electric RC cars, you have to consider a lot of things - budget, capability, maintenance, and condition of the RC car. Electric RC cars come at different prices. Choose the one that will not be heavy on your finances.

There are electric RC car kits for both on-road and off-road performance. They come in varying sizes, styles, and colors. Manufacturers offer different electric RC car features. Better choose a car that suits your budget, needs, capabilities, and desires.

Also, 'ready to run' kits are ideal for amateurs. They are built with everything in it. No need to worry about the assembly and other parts. Servo, receiver, radio, motor, and the electronic speed control - it's all there in the package - no worries.

However, if building RC cars is your thing, you can purchase the build-it-yourself kit. You can make sure that the parts are in your kit or you can buy them separately.

Where to Purchase?

Beginners can bank on reputable RC car shops. Seek advice from expert RC racers. For sure, they know the right track. If you want to buy online, be sure that you are transacting with a trustworthy pro. Online prices are usually lower. In addition, in online purchasing, you can choose from a wide variety of cars and parts.

When buying, you must compare price and quality. Aside from that, you can also take advantage of discounts to reduce your expenses.

Tuning and Racing

Tuning is essential to achieve more speed or power. Moreover, it should be coupled with proper break-in to yield the best performance. The proper way of breaking in produces less heat and reduces premature wear and tear. To break in, just run the motor with the wheels off the ground. Then, draw the radio control by 1/4 of the way. This should be done for about five minutes. If you change the brushes, you also need to do the break-in. It is also necessary to replace the motor after 5 or more substitutions of brushes."

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