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How a Hybrid Car Works: A Brief Glimpse of the Car of the Future

Many people are now becoming frustrated with their usual gas-guzzling conventional cars due to the constant increase in fuel prices. As a result, more and more people are looking for alternative modes of travel. Some people leave their cars in the garage and walk from home to work almost every day to conserve fuel, while others take the subway or other transportation services to save money.

However, some people simply need their car for work. Because of this, many are now considering selling their old conventional gas-guzzling cars and purchasing a new kind of car that can cut fuel consumption by half. These new cars are called hybrid cars. Just imagine, you can effectively go more than 60 miles per gallon with hybrid cars.

Hybrid cars also produce fewer pollutants than conventional cars. This means that not only will you cut fuel consumption by more than half, but you will also decrease the level of pollution that is poisoning the environment and people. With hybrid cars, everyone can benefit.

Now that you know about hybrid cars and are considering getting one for yourself, you may want to know how it works. You also want to know how it can relatively cut fuel consumption by half and why it emits fewer pollutants than conventional cars.

First of all, you have to consider that hybrid cars can be quite expensive. However, when you compute the overall cost that you will spend on gasoline during the lifetime of the hybrid car and the conventional car, you will see that you will spend more money on conventional cars of the same weight class as the hybrid car with a higher retail price included and taxes.

Hybrid car buyers also enjoy tax incentives imposed by the government. Therefore, when you purchase hybrid cars, you will enjoy tax breaks and save more money.

The concept of the hybrid car is quite simple. Hybrid cars combine electricity, which is the cleanest energy source available, and an internal combustion gasoline engine to run the car.

In simple words, hybrid cars utilize both electricity and gasoline energy to power the car. Once you start the car and it is in idle mode or not running, the gasoline engine is automatically shut off. This means that the car is purely running on electricity. This explains why hybrid cars are very quiet and can effectively conserve fuel consumption. Once you step on the accelerator, the internal combustion engine will automatically start up again. There are also hybrid cars that can run purely in electric mode. This is very useful if you are only using the car for local travel. You virtually don’t even need to put gasoline in the car.

However, in this type of hybrid car, you have to consider putting gasoline for long travels. You can even say that the gasoline will be used for backup power in case the battery is discharged. Most hybrid cars developed today don’t need to be plugged in like the electric car. The kinetic energy used when you are braking will recharge the battery.

This is how a hybrid car works. It is comprised of a battery for energy storage, a generator, an internal combustion engine, a fuel tank, and an electric motor.

Now that you know how hybrid cars work, you can see how beneficial it can be if you are driving one. You will not only save a lot of money from fuel consumption, but you will also help save the environment by emitting far fewer toxic fumes than conventional cars.

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