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How fast can your RC car go?


The best way to get started with RC cars is to get a simpler and slower vehicle. It may not be your dream RC car, but it will prepare you to boost its speed and power. Getting help from other enthusiasts will make it easier for you to get going in the RC car world. There are accessories and tools available for RC cars that you can use to tune them and prepare them for the tracks.

The pre-built RC car

But before you can do that, the electric RC car may be for you. This is a popular choice for beginners in the RC car world. It is equipped with a rechargeable Nickel Metal Hydride battery pack, which comes with a quick charger when the power runs out. A fully charged battery can typically keep your RC car running for hours. This already comes pre-assembled with a 2-channel RTR (ready-to-run) radio system. It is pre-assembled to fit the needs of new modelers and/or backyard drivers.

When you are done with the electric-powered RC car and have finished learning all the basics, you may start considering getting a gas RC car powered by nitromethane-based fuel. If you prefer otherwise and think you have improved your skills, you can instead upgrade your car's speed and operations. You can add a new engine or a hotter motor. You can start getting rid of the bushings and replace them with ball bearings. There are many RC car accessories you will find essential in upgrading your car, so check out the store.

RC car kit

The RC car kit will be ideal for you if you want more fun and consider yourself professional enough for the assembling job. A kit comes with all the necessary parts, such as the body, engine, electronic or motor speed control, plus an owner's manual for instructions. In building your model, you may need to trim excess material from the clear Lexan plastic material of the body. With a special polycarbonate, you can paint the body with the color of your choice.

Along with the chassis that comes with the kit, you get some tools needed for building your model, such as nut drivers, screwdrivers, pliers, and others. One advantage of building a kit over a pre-built car is that it will help you understand how the machine works. This comes in handy when there is a need for tuning and during maintenance of the car.

Ready for competition

Preparing your car for competition requires a lot of work. Sometimes, when getting a competition-version RC car, the engine is not included, as it is typically left to the hands of the driver to choose. In other cases, the kit is sold with the chassis only, so the rest of the parts are left to your judgment. Your work with the car should allow for a competition car that will have more aggressive power and higher speeds.

How fast you want your car to go depends on your work. If this is meant for competition, you would not want it to be left behind on the track, so you better get all the necessary details and work done.

On the other hand, if you are a beginner, you should not expect the best results. It is natural for beginners to make mistakes in the first scenarios of the competition. As you move along the track, you will find yourself improving.

Mingling with the rest of the competitors will offer you tips and tricks for the work. For additional information, you can research everything you need to build the fastest RC car by visiting websites and reading books.

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