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BMW Hybrid Car: German Engineering Brilliance and Elegance Fitted with Revolutionary Hybrid Technology - A Combination of Style and Performance

Joining the number of car manufacturers that are concerned about the growing demand for environmentally friendly cars, German car manufacturing giant BMW has announced that they too will soon be producing and selling hybrid cars. Within the next four years, BMW will provide its own version of the phenomenal and popular hybrid car.

Knowing the many innovations and excellent qualities that BMW has contributed to the motor world, we can be sure that this will be another automotive engineering breakthrough that will set the standard for others to follow.

BMW has stated that their hybrid car will run on both hydrogen and petroleum, and this will first be infused in the 7 series BMW. Already, BMW has tested some of these cars in various countries. Researchers and engineers are already conducting tests and receiving feedback to perfect their first hybrid car release. BMW doesn't want to release just a beautiful-looking car; they want one that will be truly environmentally friendly as well as perform beautifully.

Deviation from the usual fuel cells used by other hybrid car manufacturers, BMW decided to use hydrogen fuel combined with an internal combustion engine. This led to more research and development being needed because of the demand of the engine to keep the hydrogen in liquid form, and this poses a problem in keeping them cold enough to do just that. If the engine becomes too hot, the hydrogen may evaporate, requiring frequent fill-ups. Another quandary is keeping the hydrogen from evaporating while in transit to the engine. But BMW has said that it has found the solution to this problem.

BMW sees hydrogen as the solution, but it will take about two more decades before a car can actually run on hydrogen only. However, they are positive that this is very achievable.

BMW claims that for the past thirty years, they have been developing technology that could lead to the first-ever pure hydrogen vehicle. They already have a car that is powered by water, a car that emits water vapor at the tailpipe and are retrieving hydrogen from sunlight.

BMW has been focusing on hydrogen as a great power source for cars because it is the best solution to the ever-worsening vehicle emissions that contribute to environmental pollution. This is because hydrogen doesn't have dangerous emissions, it poses no harm to the atmosphere, and it doesn't deplete natural resources, as it can be taken from numerous recyclable sources. This is BMW's solution, powering vehicles with hydrogen produced from water through the use of solar energy. This advancement in technology is evident with the BMW 750hl production car showcased at Expo 2000. Together with some of its partners, BMW may be behind in the mass production of hybrid cars, but they are at the forefront of hybrid technology.

Soon enough, we will all be beneficiaries of all of these developments and innovations. Owning a hybrid car doesn't have to mean riding in cramped cars with low engine power. With the unveiling of the BMW hybrid car in the near future, you get sophistication, power, elegance, and style while helping clean up your air.

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